Benefits of Baths

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Relieve headache
  • Lowers BP
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Improves circulation
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Cleanses, lowers bacterial load
  • Draws out toxins
  • Renergizes physiology
  • Aura cleanse (20-40 minutes with salt)

Of course I want you to buy my bath salts, (which are packed with extra goodies for additional benefits, like herbs, glycerine, vitamin E, and essential oils), but frankly, a cup of Kosher Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride with trace minerals) also works. For muscular tension, Epsom Salts. Muscles and nerves are relaxed by Epsom Salts (salts of Magnesium), because the neuromuscular junction (where nerves and muscles communicate) needs this electrolyte to be more resilient and less reactive to stress.

There are many types of salt on the market. The main difference between them is the trace mineral profile, and how refined they are. Sea salts contain trace minerals and additional impurities that have some organic and life sustaining qualities. Pink salt has a very rich profile of impurities, which includes Iodine, Copper, Iron, and Potassium for instance. All salt is Sea Salt. (Unless it is created in a Chem lab.) Even salt that comes from high altitude mines in Pakistan, is originally from an ancient sea. Also, not all impurities are good for us just because they are from nature (Uranium?), so take all the commercial salt claims with uh… a grain of salt. Even mine ☺

Temperature of Water Guidelines

Hot. Relaxes muscles, increases metabolic rate for healing, (not for small children or pregnant women, who already have high metabolic rates). Chilly damp weather per Aryuveda.

Warm. Pregnant women, children, and babies. Also the elderly who tend to have thin fragile skin even when they are of a normal body weight.

Tepid/Room Temperature. In the presence of fever, to gently cool the body, or in frost bite to gently warm hands and feet. Summer baths in a hot, humid climate.

Cold/Ice Water. After extreme physical activity, as used in sports medicine. For extreme mental agitation or psychosis, as a form of shock therapy. Do not use to bring down a fever, as it may induce chills and have the opposite effect.

Recharge Your Battery

Here comes the "meta" section. Like usual my meta is less woo and more (pseudo)science based.

Ritual Bath. I advocate for a spontaneous bath, not a ritual bath. However it fits into your day, and as your inner light moves you. My belief system is Quaker, not not Wiccan, so that comes with an all walls must fall perspective on ritual in general. Set your hearts free people, do not be ruled by rituals. I've seen cautionary advice given around bathing ritually at certain times of day (6-12-6-12), if this is really a thing for you, and you live near a large body of water, look at the tides table, not the clock. You are part of nature, so be sensitive your own inclinations. In fact I say take a bath first then look at the tides table and see if it relates to high or low “moon pull”. As a side note, if one is a menstruating female, one can actually correlate the “moon pull” to personal ebb and flow as well. Several sources advise a ritual bath monthly, so I had to put my two cents in.

Aura Cleanse. Everyone has an energy field around them. Whether you believe in some type of subtle body that travels to other dimensions (what was my upbringing like anyway?)is really neither here nor there, because this discussion is about electrostatic charge. Science baybee. The fact is that we all have a baseline electrical hum going on; it’s part of our physiology.

Our nervous system, our muscles, and the electrical conduction pathways in our heart are all mediated by electricity. Even when the acids in our digestive system are out of balance, the harmonious flow of that electrical hum can become disturbed. The electrolytes in our body act like switch plates in a railway system. They do the heavy lifting of simple machines, using a system of sturdy on/off signaling devices. Usually, if one of those switches gets stuck, the others can work around it for a little while by triggering local fixes until things get back to normal. (Note most abstract reference to Acid-Base balance ever.)

The major Electrolytes in our body are Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and Phosphorus (for that special glow). How your muscles communicate with your nerves, the level of acid in your blood, the function of your kidneys that filter that blood, and the fluid balance between the inside and the outside of your cells (that causes fluid retention) are all electrolyte dependent processes. Persistent electrolyte disturbances eventually lead to hormonal and endocrine problems, and that is when your train can start to go off the rails. Ever have a panic attack? Nobody wants that. Side side note: avoid soft drinks with phosphates.

Electrolytes are charged molecules that dissociate in solution (dissolve in water, see illustration to the right). Like the end of a magnet, they may carry a positive or negative charge. An energetic charge is directional. Positive and negative (ions and anions) flow one way or another. The subatomic spin they are in is because they are on a mission to find a missing electron, or give away an extra one. It is their nature to seek balance and harmonious flow, even with a pesky polar molecule like water trying to break them up, they seek connection. Water is a polar molecule which means even though it has a balanced charge as a whole, it is slightly more negative on the oxygen side and slightly more positive on the hydrogen side, and this gives it a flow dynamic. It conducts electricity.

Way off topic as usual.

When you take a salt bath, stay there long enough for the salt to dissolve. As that salt enters a state of solution, the water becomes energized and eventually the flow of that energy influences your own baseline electrostatic hum, filling in the raggedy parts; it literally recharges your battery. If you need sleep it will make you sleepy, if you are looking forward to time with a special friend, it will make you more open to being close to that person. A bath with salt clears the static of your mental overlays, and thus promotes your body’s own physiological intelligence.

In all Joyance and Goodly Gree
Be well.


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