These candles are paraffin, not soy. They also have a cotton fiber/paper core wick. Also unlike most of my candles, they are scented with fragrance oils: rose or violet.

Harsh Reality:
The phrase, "painting the roses red", expresses the theme of ridiculous embellishments made to appease a despotic personality. Who hasn't ever done this? If you are a woman, you may do this daily; more often then a man, or the average four year old. You think that you do this to keep the peace, but it only makes the backlash worse.

Reality Reframed:
If you decide to make changes in your life, you can. You are your own benevolent dictator. Rule without fear.

Was This About Candles?

Yes. These candles start as unscented, manufactured, white rose candles. We dip them in scented paraffin with an intense red color, scented with rose, violet, or geranium. At times they are only partially dipped, or candle glitter is applied.
Sometimes Imagination has to leap over Nature to get one back to Nurture. If that is where the fun takes you.
(This is me painting the roses red again?)
Also I will be doing some rainbow rose candles for Pride this year, which should be fun.

Be Well.