Alice's Aromarama

Alice's Aromarama is a small family business in the Seattle area. We have been operating on and off since about 2001, mostly vending at local events. One of a kind hand crafted candles, incense, oil blends, and assorted smellythings. Over the years it has become a very small part time business. Local craft markets is where you will find our best (wholesale/bulk) prices. I no longer vend at Bumbershoot or Fremont Solstice or Hempfest; these are not good venues to sell handmade items at a modest price.

Online prices are also suggested retail. We appreciate when independent local shops carry our things, and if you are within 10 miles of Seattle and want to sell Alice's Aromarama items, that would be great, we should talk.

The online store will open again eventually, perhaps when the corporate overlords of the internet make that a more practical thing to do :)

Wholesale ordering for local shops, B&Bs, and wedding planners is still marginally possible, with enough lead time. Check in with me on Facebook here.

Natural ingredients and reusable or recyclable packaging are used whenever possible. Lotions do contain preservative, but it is paraben-free.

There might be glitter or colored candy sprinkles in the bath cakes. Explosions happen. Enjoy.

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