About the Lucky Bunny Foot Cream:

This is a complete run down about the ingredients used in this foot cream, short of the actual recipe. Lucky Bunny Foot Cream is soothing to the feet, plus it has extra sparkly goodness. Transparent like a Cheshire Cat. All ingredients are vegetable sourced, except for the small amount of silver glitter, or ridiculously large amount depending on how you look at it.

Disclaimer:There is a hypothetical possibility of allergy to anything you put on your skin. The ingredients in this lotion are not generally considered allergenic. If you have allergies, it is good to read ingredient labels. The (silver) sparkles are cosmetic grade and skin safe.

Lucky Bunny Foot Cream Ingredients
(In order of amount by gram weight):

Purified water, E-Wax, Sunflower Oil, Grape seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Optiphen, Essential Oils (Spearmint, Tea Tree, Geranium), Passionfruit flavor oil, and cosmetic grade glitter.

Explanation of Ingredients in more Detail:

Distilled water- Pure water to hydrate the skin. Less in a cream than is a lotion. Part of what lotion does is deliver moisture to the surface of the skin and hold it there a while.
E-wax or Emulsifying Wax- This is the hydrophilic substance that attaches a water molecule to a fatty acid molecule. It joins oil and water, which is what lotion is, an emulsion. This emulsion delivers hydration and nourishment to your skin. It also forms a layer of protection against potentially harmful elements in the environment such as sun, wind, and extreme temperatures. It is created by a process that exposes a substance such as soy lecithin to a detergent, which refines and increases the properties that emulsify.
Sunflower Oil- Has some of the mixed tocopherols (vitamin E compounds) of wheatgerm and nut oils with a much lower allergenic profile. This is a light oil that absorbs well in skin and fights free radicals created by exposure to sunlight.
Grape seed Oil- A by-product of wine-making, from the seeds of pressed grapes. Many experts consider it the best oil for skin, regardless of your skin type. Grape seed oil is also high in vitamin C, which brightens your skin, linoleic acid which helps with skin repair, and the flavonoid 'oligomeric procyanidin', considered a super anti-oxidant. It is also used in massage oils because it glides over skin well, blends well with other ingredients, and does not have a strong scent of it's own.
Coconut Oil- Contains medium chain fatty acids that soften skin, increase tensile strength of skin by improving elasticity, also offers mild protection from UV rays. Solid at room temperature, melts at body temperature. Adds creaminess to lotion.
Optiphen (Non-Paraben preservative)- A biodegradable preservative for skin care products. I will just refer you to the MSDS. At full strength it can irritate the eyes, and it has been tested on bunnies. It does not contain stuff that breaks down into formaldehyde. Also it prevents molding and bacterial growth in cosmetic preparations (stored properly in a cool place). It would be irresponsible to sell vegetable based lotion without a preservative.
Spearmint Essential Oil- Feels cool and soothing to tired feet.
Tea Tree Essential Oil- Anti-fungal, naturally antiseptic.
Geranium Essential Oil– Decreases inflammation, strengthens skin integrity.
Passionfruit Flavor- Fruity deliciousness; it makes feet feel happy.
Cosmetic grade glitter-Silver sparkle. Even if you wear shoes and no one can actually see the glitter on your feet, it will make you feel special, like a lucky bunny.

Why all the vegetable oils in the lotions?

Ingredients used on the skin should not be harmful if you ate them. Mineral oil has a very long shelf life and absorbs well, which is why it is usually one of the first ingredients in commercially prepared lotions. Petrol products are non-nutritive oils that strip vitamins from the skin. Vegetable oils deliver the vitamins and anti-oxidants that nourish the skin as they soothe and protect. Storage in a cool dry place helps organic lotions last longer. If left on a sunny windowsill for a year, biodegradable lotions will be more likely to separate, loose vitamin content, or just spoil. Store in a cool dry place and that should not happen, (thank you Optiphen).

As always the logline here is: Nature. Nurture. Imagination.
Be Well.


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